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Advertisers, marketers, and publishers have depended on device IDs and third-party cookies for years. Both will soon disappear.  First party IDs will soon multiply. Some call it the “cookie” and “IDFA apocalypse.” has prepared for this day. 

Maybe it’s time for a new partner in identity.

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Identity Graphs

Users want a personalized customer journey AND more privacy protection.​

Online identities were already fragmented. Companies want more insights. Can we have it both ways? The short answer is YES.

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Private Identity Graph

Dig deeper into your company’s Own Data with probabilistic identity modeling to uncover potential customers and re-connect with current customers.

The Private Identity Graph is specifically designed to fit your business needs.

Public Identity Graph

Enlarge your current audience device pool with additional devices belonging to exactly those users in your target group.

Create a seamless brand communication and holistic customer journey across all devices.‘s Private Identity Graph enables us to understand the cross-device behaviour of our listeners and optimize our media spending across all their devices, leading to a user-centric communication and an increase of the marketing ROI of our clients.

Matthias Schenk

Director Publisher Management
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Identity resolution use cases

People-based marketing helps leading brands to improve digital advertising and digital analytics through the use of machine learning-based probabilistic modeling. 

Campaign Insights & Reporting uses probabilistic modeling, analyzing anonymous data from multiple sources, website, mobile application or media campaign traffic.

Cookieless Identity

As the number of ways we identify users continues to expand, it’s exceedingly important to have a clear understanding of how those IDs fit together to represent People & Households, so that we can reach people wherever they are. 

Customer Journey Analysis

Understanding audience and their online behavioral patterns are crucial to define the perfect strategy to increase engagement between brand and consumers.

Case study

Probabilistic identity modeling enriched listener profiles and enabled user-centric ad delivery for RMS‘s Private Identity Graph enabled RMS to understand the behavior of their listeners (+ optimization of 7 million listener profiles). 

We increased the number of connected devices in RMS’ database by 57%, helping the company optimize media spending. Result: an increase in marketing ROI.

Case study

35% increase in audience amplification for Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines needed to amplify reach to the high value travellers segment. They used on their global website to study the audience and enrich the collected user group.

After just 3 months, the Identity Graph extended Hainan’s base audience by 35%, with 30% of clicks generated from new users.

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